Our services

Our services

  1. Regulatory and Import Service: with skilled and professional staff, ANDA VIETNAM enjoys good relationships with the Ministry of Health and other authorities to support our suppliers in registration and import procedures of products (pharmaceutical, medical equipment, cosmetics and consumer goods into Vietnam)

  2. Sales and Trade marketing: close co-ordination between ANDA VIETNAM sales team and marketing team of suppliers to meet customers’ demand 

  3. Distribution and Customer Service: 

    Phone order takers for all products: skilled phone order takers are ready to serve customers 

    Dedicated Sale Staff for main suppliers: experienced and well trained sale staff to take care of customers 

    Services to Traditional and Modern Trade Channels 

    Service to Retail and Wholesale Channels 

  4. Storage, Monitoring and Delivery 

    GSP and GDP warehouses with proper storage conditions and quality management system located in stable location and operated by a team of professional competence, creative enthusiasm people that provides the following services: 

    Preservation and storage of goods 

    Goods monitoring including issuing stock, dispatching 

    Delivery service 

  5. Cash flow management 

    Collection service 

    Transparent monitoring and aging reports 

    Cash-flow reports on a real-time basis 

  6. Manpower for warranty and periodical maintenance (for business of medical equipment only) 

    Warranty and maintenance services are ensured by our skilled engineers, who have been trained by the manufacturer on machine and materials. 

  7. Retail pharmacy chain services